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Jen's Testimonial

I started training with Esther about 15 months ago after a casual conversation about fitness and nutrition turned into something more serious! I wanted to lose weight, be fitter so I could keep up with my boys down the park and increase my self-confidence. I decided that I would give Personal Training a go with Esther and I am so glad I did and haven’t looked back!


Esther works in a private gym which has all the latest equipment – so if you’re a bit self-conscious, as I was initially, then you’ve no need to worry – no one can see you! After a few months I started seeing a change in my shape and weight (for the better) and my friends and family started to ask me how I was getting the results. Simple – training hard and eating better – they go hand in hand. Esther has taught me that if you want real results then you need to commit and doing one or the other isn’t really enough. It’s a mind-set change. This training lark isn’t easy – it’s not meant to be is it? No pain no gain and all that.  And something which I’ve learned is that you can’t expect results to be overnight.


Esther is really knowledgeable and has adapted my programme along the way to keep it fresh and interesting and more importantly, FUN. We use all sorts of different equipment from The Ankor, kettle bells, sled pulling, tyre lifting and lots more. Every session is different, and I can truly say that I look forward to training with her – I must need my head read, especially when I am sure she gets a lot of pleasure watching me suffer in a conditioning session on a Saturday morning ! Seriously though, she is very encouraging and knows when to push me so I can continue working towards my goals. If you want someone to get you back into training or take your fitness to the next level, Esther will help you get there – I would recommend her to anyone.


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