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The Gym

The gym is based on the Hampton borders of South West London.  It's private and therefore exclusively for one to ones.  So no eyeballing!  It's fully equipped with a wide variety of equipment to help you reach and exceed your goals.  I offer a mixture of strength and conditioning training, which includes body weight training, weight training, core training, cardio and nutritional advice. I am now also able to offer

Bring The Gym to Me home visits!  Please contact for further information.

Power Rack

We have a power rack/cable machine in the gym which can be used to safely squat, deadlift, bench and pull up.  As you can see we like to mix things up a bit and use chains and bands. 

Lifting Platform

This is the larger one of the lifting platforms (we have two) where we deadlift, olympic lift, and have all sorts of fun!  We also have a large selection of bars: olympic, earthquake, football, axle, trap, bow and safety to name but a few.

Leg Press/Hack Squat/
Reverse Hyper

We have a carefully selected range of equipment to help build strength including an incline leg press/hack squat and a rarely spotted in gyms reverse hyper, we also have a glute ham raise and sissy squat bench.

Cardio/Kettle Bells/
Strong Man

Cardio/conditioning comes in many guises ranging from the beautiful water rower to battle ropes through to sledge hammer and tyres. You can take your pick! 

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