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A Bit About Me

I'm a mum of two young boys and I've always been interested in fitness and wellbeing but was not terribly serious about it as I enjoyed partying more! However, my 40th birthday was approaching and a year after the birth of my second son I was feeling crap, fat and sluggish and I thought to myself enough was enough.

I seriously needed to sort myself out both mentally and physically.

I enrolled at a gym and went to a few classes.


After a few months I still wasn't sure what I was doing and wanted to learn more about weights and getting seriously fit so I started training with a Personal Trainer. I learnt a hell of a lot and managed to completely change my shape and felt much happier. I continued to train with this fabulous Personal Trainer for for a couple of years finding myself getting more and more interested in movement, strength, wellbeing and nutrition. 


One day he said to me why didn't I think about being a Personal Trainer too? So I did and here I am doing something I didn't think I'd ever do but I love it and I hope I can inspire you to love it too!

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